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Our Presentations

Building a Successful Communications Center Culture

The communications center environment is stressful, how can you implement the small things necessary to develop a positive environment day in and day out?


We know it is easy to recognize the big things, celebrate a key milestone, or attend an annual conference, that makes a big impact, but that is not daily experiences in a communication center. We will be describing the best practices to plan and implement characteristics that will lead your team to a confident atmosphere of culture understanding within the communications center.


How do you provide encouragement and handle difficult tasks in communications centers?

Our panel will share with you what they have implemented in their centers that built a foundation for a positive culture and continues to support a productive environment.


Unifying Cyber and Physical Security for Emergency Communications Centers

With the recent increase in cyberattacks, the need for resilient communication center security has become a serious issue.  Can you recover from a cyberattack, or other unexpected security breach? All security threats must be considered when planning to ensure continuity of service and reliable communications for communication centers. This presentation will provide key information on designing, planning, and implementing security and resiliency throughout your technology infrastructure.


Program Management and Planning

The deployment of a wireless communications system was once a relatively simple technology procurement. Today the development and deployment of wireless communications systems involve almost every function of your organization, from the technical, operational, and purchasing to the legal, administrative and even the political levels of the organization. In this panel, hear from experts, examine how project management principles may be applied to the integration of IT and communications technology. Examine the best practices for the successful completion of the lifecycle of a communications system, while understanding how project management principles can help keep technology buildout efforts on time and on budget. Finally, walk through the construction of a project plan, applying the tools and techniques that have been covered.


How Should you Define "Public Safety Grade"

The term "Public Safety Grade" is one of the most overused, misunderstood, and poorly quantified terms in the public safety sector. The term is often misused to elicit the illusion of superior quality. While it is easier to determine if something is military specification; knowing what Public Safety Grade is needs clarity. The most critical time to both understands and quantify public safety grade requirements is when writing a specifications document. This presentation will discuss how to define a public safety grade building, dispatch center, transmitter site, radio, microwave path, and coverage.


P25 New Products and Services 2019

This presentation details the new P25 products and services. This includes mobile and portable subscribers, voice pagers, dispatch consoles and other new P25 products. This presentation also discusses updates in P25 Compliance, and ISSI/CSSI testing. Check out the presentation to learn about the emerging technology for P25.