Negotiating your FirstNet contract can be a daunting experience.  AT&T has hundreds if not thousands of attorneys and technical experts that have crafted a contract to protect their best interests.  Often their best interest aligns with your best interest, but not always.  It is important to fully understand the financial, technical, and operational considerations of the FirstNet contract they will provide to you and beware: a shorter contract is not always a better contract.  We will explore strategies that will help you negotiate the best FirstNet contract for your locality or state.

Negotiating Your FirstNet Contract

Physical and Cyber Security For
Emergency Communications Centers

With the recent increase in cyberattacks, the need for resilient IT security has become a major factor in all public safety technology departments.  Can you recover from a cyberattack, or other unexpected security breach? All security threats must be considered when planning IT systems to ensure continuity of service and reliable communications for public safety radio systems. This presentation will provide key information on designing, planning, and implementing security and resiliency throughout your technology infrastructure.

Stakeholder Management

Successfully managing the expectations of your stakeholders can mean the difference between success and failure for your project. When implementing a complex technology project, often the most insurmountable hurdle is not the technology, but meeting the expectations of your stakeholders. Not only is this management critical when defining the requirements for the project it, but it remains a significant facet of any project throughout implementation and deployment. You must deal with: management changes during the project; new stakeholders that come aboard in the middle of the project; and the most difficult of all is handling “but he/she said that is what we were going to get” claims. How do you complete a successful complex technology project while managing the expectations of your stakeholders? In this presentation, we explore a variety of methods to successfully manage the expectations of all stakeholders (even your managers).

P25 New Products and Services 2021

This presentation details the new P25 products and services. This includes mobile and portable subscribers, voice pagers, dispatch consoles and other new P25 products. This presentation also discusses updates in P25 Compliance, and ISSI/CSSI testing. Check out the presentation to learn about the emerging technology for P25.