COMLINC, Commonwealth of Virginia



CTA in partnership with Commonwealth Spectrum Management Services completed a statewide evaluation of the Commonwealth Link to Interoperability Communications (COMLINC).  

COMLINC is Virginia’s interoperability solution with the capability to establish “links” between disparate public safety radio networks. CTA completed a statewide review of the interoperability overlay system, coordinating with 134 localities to assess their usage of COMLINC and how it might be improved.  CTA provided a report detailing technical recommendations and associated costs with the upgrade to achieve statewide interoperability. This report provided sufficient detail to enable the Governor, Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees, and the Department of Planning and Budget to assess and prioritize the systems that require upgrade to meet the Commonwealth’s goals for interoperability.  This report resulted in the General Assembly allocating 6.8 million dollars to fund the findings and recommendations. 



CTA team members participated in a needs assessment, design, and implementation of the Virginia statewide system. As the project progressed, assisted in the development of a statewide interoperability overlay system to facilitate communications between localities and the Virginia State Police.


The Commonwealth of Virginia and 23 of its State Agencies cooperated to upgrade their statewide VHF State Police Land Mobile Radio and Microwave Networks, sites and facilities.  CTA team members directly contributed to transitioning the system from a conceptual design to an operational statewide radio communications system.  The overall project consisted of seven overlapping implementation phases.  This project is complete and fully operational. Click the image to view our Needs Assessment Report.

Virginia Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS) P25 Phase 1


CTA team members participated in a needs assessment and design that brought together over twenty independent cities, towns, tribal entities, and a county to implement a state-of-the-art regional interoperability system that is fully operational today.


Today, PCWIN serves as a regional public safety voice and data communications network, includes a regional communications center, and improves public safety radio interoperability. The consulting services began with analyzing PCWIN requirements and developing the Pima County Wireless Integrated Network design. Providing the County with conceptual system designs, architectures, and specifications for the hardware and software necessary to implement large and small public safety communications systems, including statewide interoperable solutions. The completion of concept development, requirements analysis and design, resulted in meeting the client’s objectives.

Pima County Wireless Integrated Wireless Network – P25 Phase 2