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P25 Testing: Products Service, and Solutions

DHS Interoperability Continuum

Developed with practitioner input by the Department of Homeland Security’s SAFECOM program, the Interoperability Continuum is designed to assist emergency response agencies and policy makers to plan and implement interoperability solutions, This tool identifies five critical success elements that must be addressed to achieve a sophisticated interoperability solution

CTA has developed a whitepaper discussing the different P25 testing products and services available from PTIG members. This document describes the full range of P25 testing hardware and software products which are available on the market today. These resources form a rich fabric of support to help P25 users develop and operate their mission critical communications system.

Project 25 Testing: Products,

Services, and Solutions

DHS Interoperability Continuum

 "Is P25 Public Safety Grade?"

P25 Capabilities Guide

In this whitepaper, the P25 Technology Interest Group summarizes the meaning of "public safety grade" and how P25 systems meet the requirements to be "public safety grade". 

This document is a lists the capabilities of subscriber and infrastructure equipment enabled by the TIA-102 series of published standards. It is intended to guide you through the P25 standards and how they apply to radio subscribers and system infrastructure.

Is P25 Public Safety Grade?

P25 Capabilities Guide

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