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Investing in Public Safety and STEM Education

Public Safety Consultant

CTA’s primary mission is Communications Technology Advancement in public safety and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. CTA executes this mission by investing 100% of our net profits, over the life of the firm, to first responder essential training and STEM education initiatives that encourage future innovation. 

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CTA is an independent consulting firm providing engineering and project management services to the public safety community. Our team of dedicated professionals have over 30 years of experience with complex communications systems, backhaul networks, telecommunication facilities, 9-1-1 dispatch center equipment.


CTA understands the public safety communications environment, the technology in use, the current equipment, and the industry.  Communications consulting for public safety is what we do, and we can meet your communications needs.

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Our Current Projects

City of Northampton, MA

CTA previously performed a needs assessment of the City's existing public safety radio systems, and was selected to oversee the implementation of the City's new 700 MHz P25 Trunked Radio System. CTA has assisted the City in reviewing detailed design review (DDR) documents, and will serve as the City's technical advisor throughout system staging, installation and configuration, acceptance testing, and system cutover.

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Amelia County, VA

CTA was selected to provide procurement support and implementation oversight for Amelia County, VA. CTA has assisted the County with publishing a request for proposals (RFP) for a new 700 MHz P25 Trunked Radio System. CTA will assist the County with reviewing and evaluating proposals from radio vendors and will provide project management support and engineering services throughout the implementation of the County's new radio system.

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"This week APCO held its third Nexus event, in National Harbor, Maryland. Attendees gathered for two days of real-life scenarios that reviewed the 9-1-1 response for each event and talked about how the 9-1-1 response could have been improved with NG9-1-1 technologies. Nexus also featured the 360 Experience thanks to our sponsors who were onsite to demonstrate these technologies and solutions of the future."

May 31, 2024

APCO Explores the Future of Emergency Communications at Nexus 2024



2024 NENA International Conference &  Expo

June 28th - July 3rd | Orlando, FI

2024 APCO International’s Annual Conference & Expo 

August 4th-7th | Orlando, FL

Comms Connect Melbourne 2024

October 15th-17th | Melbourne, Australia

Virginia APCO/NENA Fall Conference 2024

October 30th-November 1st | Roanoke, VA

900+ Hours Invested


Our consultants are passionate about giving back to the public safety community. CTA actively supports Public Safety and STEM education by investing at the corporate level. Our team also invests their personal time in 

organizations they value in the community.  

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