Our Services

Technology is constantly advancing, and CTA keeps current with the latest developments to help you maintain the security and efficiency of your radio communication systems. We are committed to making sure our clients’ systems perform according to their contracts, meeting all of their needs and requirements.

CTA’s consultants have spent over three decades assessing, planning, designing, implementing, and testing telecommunications systems across the United States.  Our expertise and knowledge will find the solutions you need to get the results you desire. Our experienced team will tackle your project’s critical needs to meet your defined goals.

Land Mobile Radio System Design and Implementation

We are experienced in the design and implementation of radio communication systems for public safety, transportation, utilities, and federal, state, and local government agencies. We specialize in designing analog and digital systems including P25 Phase I/II, trunked and conventional systems in the VHF, UHF, and 700/800 MHz frequency bands. We provide engineering and project management services for modification of existing LMR systems as well as new systems including needs assessment, conceptual system designs, communications site design, specification development, procurement support, contract negotiations, and implementation oversight.

Backhaul Network Design
Backhaul Network Design

We offer design services for backhaul networks utilizing private and commercial fiber optic, microwave systems, and mesh networks. Our designs provide high availability and include fully redundant solutions such as ring topology, diverse paths, and monitored hot-standby configurations. Our backhaul network designs provide reliable data transport customized to meet the client’s needs, requirements, and specifications.

Needs Assessment and
System Evaluation

We offer comprehensive needs assessment services including existing system documentation review, stakeholder interviews, communication site surveys, end-of-life equipment review, coverage review, and recommendations for improvements or upgrades for existing systems. We work closely with our clients to clearly identify both technical and operational gaps and recommend solutions to improve the quality of service provided by their radio communications systems.  The end result is a useful strategic plan that focuses on technical and financial system sustainability.

FCC Licensing and Management

We provide FCC licensing support for locating new frequencies, 700/800 MHz regional planning committee applications, interference contour analysis, frequency coordination, FCC 601 form completion, and modification of existing licenses. We have licensed frequencies for many clients in the past, and we stay current on FCC rules and regulations.

Radio System 
Coverage Analysis      

Our engineers provide radio system coverage analysis of existing and proposed systems using the latest radio propagation software. Parameters in the software are modified to match realistic terrain and land use to accurately portray the coverage of the system being analyzed. Our expertise provides conceptual designs delivering coverage that meets our clients’ needs with reliable radio service where they need it most.

Radio Communications Site Design 

We provide design services for communications site layout, physical security, grounding and lightning protection, shelter design and layout, specification development for electrical, HVAC, communication tower structures, shelter and tower foundations, and backup power (UPS, generators, ATS, AC/DC power systems). We use up to date and applicable standards and regulations such as NFPA, TIA, FCC, and FAA in our designs and specifications.

RFP Development and
Procurement Support

We provide RFP and specifications development and writing services to assist clients in procuring systems that meet their needs and requirements. We can be as involved in the procurement process as you need, by participating in pre-proposal conferences, technical and pricing proposal evaluations, oral presentations, proposal scoring, final selection and contract negotiations with the selected vendor. Our goal is to provide our clients with a best-value system that meets the technical design, while also being cost effective.

Implementation Oversight

We provide project management and engineering services for system implementations from project kickoff meeting to final system acceptance. We are experienced in assisting with Detailed Design Reviews (DDR), site civils and acquisition, factory and field acceptance testing oversight, site inspections, cutover monitoring, maintenance planning, and recommendation of final system acceptance. We are committed to making sure our clients’ systems perform according to their contracts, meeting all of their needs and requirements.