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About Us

CTA is an independent public safety consulting firm providing engineering and project management services.  Our team of dedicated professionals has over 30 years of experience with complex communications systems, backhaul networks, telecommunication facilities, and 9-1-1 dispatch center equipment. We are experienced in providing consulting services for Transportation, Utilities, and other Local, State, and Federal Government agencies.

Investing in Public Safety and STEM Education

Our Mission

CTA’s primary mission is Communications Technology Advancement in public safety and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. We will support public safety by investing 100% of our net profits, over the life of the company, to first responder essential training and STEM education initiatives that encourage future innovation. 

We recognize first responders are the backbone of the community, providing security and support to our neighbors in their time of need. In our experience, one of the greatest issues in public safety is the lack of funding to provide essential training to first responder personnel. These professionals place their lives on the line daily to protect the lives and property of others, and CTA is committed to doing our part to assist in their training.


We also support the next generation of innovators by strengthening local STEM education initiatives. The designer of the next lifesaving technological advancement is sitting in a nearby classroom. We are dedicated to providing resources and funding to meet their challenges and encourage their growth. Their future is our future! 

Our Certifications

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