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More of our Current Projects


Commonwealth of VA

Commonwealth Link to Interoperable Communications (COMLINC) Evaluation

COMLINC is Virginia’s interoperability solution with the capability to establish “links” between disparate public safety radio networks. CTA partnered with Commonwealth Spectrum Management Services to complete a statewide review of the interoperability overlay system, coordinating with 134 localities to assess their usage of COMLINC and how it might be improved.  We provided a report detailing technical recommendations and associated costs with the upgrade to achieve statewide interoperability.  This report provided sufficient detail to enable the Governor, Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees, and the Department of Planning and Budget to assess and prioritize the systems that require upgrade to meet the Commonwealth’s goals for interoperability.  The assessment was so well received that it validated a $6.8 million budget line item in the upcoming Commonwealth of Virginia budget.


Nottoway County, VA


CTA is providing an assessment of Nottoway County’s public safety communications operations and will make recommendations for a future public safety radio communications system to serve the County Sheriff’s Office and 9-1-1, Volunteer Fire Departments, Emergency Management, Emergency Squad, Public Schools, and other agencies such as Public Works.  Our assessment report will document alternatives, cost benefits, and recommendations for a Countywide Public Safety Grade Radio Communications System. CTA will develop the technical specification for a new radio system.  We will support the RFP process, review vendor proposals, lead competitive negotiations, and make a recommendation of award.  CTA will assist the County through the implementation of their radio system.



Harrisonburg & Rockingham County

Virginia Radio System (HRECC)

CTA team members participated in a two-way radio needs assessment of the City’s and County’s public safety and general government radio systems, and 911 Emergency Operations Centers, recommending competitive procurement of a wide-area 800 MHz trunked radio system.  We also contributed to the specifications for the radio system and supported the City and County with the selection of a vendor, contract negotiations, and implementation.  CTA team members prepared license applications and Regional Planning Committee (RPC) application packages for the 800 MHz channels needed for the new system. 



Hampton Road Planning District Commission (HRPDC)

Overlay Regional Interoperability Network (ORION) Analysis and Recommendations

The objective of ORION is to achieve interoperability between jurisdictions responding to multi-jurisdictional incident where ICS or UC has been established to command and control protocols that are NIMS compliant.  While not intended for day to day use, it is critical this overlay system is operational during a natural or human-caused incident or planned event, and if a jurisdiction/agency were to lose the use of their primary radio system.  CTA provided multiple solutions to improve the system and meet the desired operational strategic requirements.  Our final report provided both sort-term and long-term recommendations to address governance, technology, usage, maintenance, training, and standard operating procedures.



Craig County, VA

CTA provided the County with an assessment of the current radio communications system.  The report documented alternatives and cost benefits for upgrading their current radio systems, and a path forward for publishing a specification and implementing a new radio system. CTA developed the technical specification for upgrading the radio system and is currently assisting with procurement.


Page County, VA

CTA is assisting Page County in the upgrade of their current UHF communications system.  Our team members assisted with the evaluation and negotiations of vendor submissions.  We are supporting the implementation and acceptance of the new system.


City of Amarillo, Texas

The City of Amarillo needed replacement of their system with a state-of-the-art P25 Phase 2 (TDMA) 700/800MHz Simulcast System throughout the City, and in support of neighboring Potter and Randall Counties.  CTA team members validated a Needs Assessment Report, developed the technical Specifications and RFP documents, supported the City during the procurement and selection of a vendor.  Our team members also supported Amarillo during the Implementation phase and provided acceptance and system transition oversight of the project. 



Oregon Statewide Wireless Integrated Network Project (OWIN)

The State of Oregon established the Oregon Wireless Interoperability Network (OWIN) to combine resources from multiple State agencies (Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon State Police, Oregon Department of Corrections, and Oregon Department of Forestry).  CTA team members completed reviews of the vendor’s overall preliminary statewide trunked radio system design.  Our team members also provided support for the replacement of the analog microwave backbone to a full digital microwave backbone network.

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